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Memory Improvement Training Courses & Workshops in Singapore


Memory training in SingaporeOur company is a memory training company located in Singapore. We specialise in training, facilitation, and instructing memory power improvement techniques.

Have you at any point had a troublesome time recalling things like a rundown or data that must be retained in a specific request? Heaps of people have been managing similar troubles, yet gratefully, they have idealized the well established memory enhancing procedures of mental aides and word orders. The arrangement of memory aides uses methodologies like word affiliations and rhymes to help people all the more effortlessly retain data.

Select from any one of the memory development classes for corporate and business students or specialists. We’ve memory training workshops to match all learner, catering to their specific learning needs.We’ve worked with among the better organisations in Singapore in inspecting, designing, developing, putting into action and assessing memory classes. If you want more info on our Singapore memory classes & workshops, please call: +65 6871 4803 or email us at


There are a variety of reasons for corporate professionals to work on their memory. Some of the reasons include remembering names and faces of individuals they will meet in their profession, remembering appointments, reminders and memorising speeches and presentations.We have a wide range of corporate training courses to choose from:

  1. Memory Increment Lunch Time Talks (60 to 90 Minutes)
  2. Half Day Memory Increment Workshop (3 to 4 Hours)
  3. 1-Full Day Memory Increment Training Course (8 Hours)
  4. 2-Full Days Memory Increment Training Course (16 Hours)
  5. Team Building Memory Mastery Increment Competition (3 hours)


Does your son or daughter have trouble keeping one little bit of information at heart while he’s doing another thing? For instance, if he’s assisting make spaghetti and the telephone rings, will he ignore he must return and keep stirring the sauce? If he has trouble with such responsibilities often, he could have working storage area issues.Working memory identifies the manipulation of information that short-term storage area stores. (Before, the word “working memory space” was used interchangeably with the word “short recollection.”) It’s an art kid use to learn. It’s necessary for tasks like pursuing multi-step guidelines or fixing a mathematics problem in your mind.

Memory change strategies are unquestionably a direct pursuit for students. With standard exams to consider, it is nothing unexpected by any stretch of the imagination. Improve memory with these effective courses:

  1. Primary School Students Memory Increment Course (Primary 4 to Primary 6)
  2. PSLE Specialised Memory Improvement Increment Course (PSLE Students)
  3. Secondary School School Memory Improvement Increment Workshop (Secondary 1 to 5)
  4. O Level Specialised Memory Improvement Increment Course (O Level Students)
  5. Junior College Students Memory Increment Course (JC1 & JC2)
  6. A Level Specialised Memory Improvement Increment Workshop (A Level Students)
  7. ITE Students Memory Improvement Increment Course
  8. Polytechnic Students Memory Improvement Increment Course (Poly Students)
  9. University, Undergraduate Students Memory Improvement Increment Workshop
  10. University, Postgraduate Students Memory Increment Course
  11. Medical Students Memory Course


Study analysis or skills strategies are strategies put on learning. They are usually critical to success in school, considered needed for acquiring good grades, and ideal for learning throughout one’s life. Review skills are a range of competencies which handle the procedure of arranging and consuming new information, keeping information, or working with assessments. They include mnemonics, which help the retention of lists of information; active reading; attentiveness techniques.While often kept up to the pupil and their support network, analysis skills are ever more trained in senior high school with the university or college level. More broadly, any skill which raises a person’s potential to study, maintain and remember information which aids in and moving tests can be termed a report ability, which could be management and motivational techniques include time.Study skills are discrete techniques that may be learned, usually very quickly, and put on all or most areas of research. They need to be therefore recognized from strategies that are unique to a particular field of analysis e.g. technology or music, and from skills inherent in the learning student, such as areas of brains or learning styles.

  1. Study Skills & Exam Technique Power Course For Upper Primary School Students (Primary 4 to 6)
  2. Specialised Study Skills & Exam Technique Power Course For PSLE Students (Primary 5 & 6)
  3. Study Skills & Exam Technique Power Course For Secondary School Students (Secondary 1 to 5)
  4. O’ Level Specialised Study Skills & Exam Technique Power Course Secondary School Students (Secondary 3 to 5)


  1. Geography Tuition For Secondary School Students in Singapore


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Memory Article

Human brains have the ability to translate and code different complex boosts like hues, shapes, smells, pictures, structures, tastes, dialects, feelings and so on. The mind helps in recognizing different things as well as in recollecting that them. Memory hence, shapes an essential piece of the cerebrum. Be that as it may, as there are such a significant number of things to retain, it is normal to overlook a large number of them. In any case, the maxim “utilize it or lose it” applies to the mind also. This implies in the event that you practice your mind, your memory will be better and you will have the capacity to recollect things well. There are different memory systems for the individuals who wish to enhance their retaining capacity. These methods are clarified beneath.

Working memory, which is a little bit like the brain’s notepad, is where new information briefly is kept. After you learn someone’s name or hear the address of a location you are going to, you hold on to prospects details in working memory until you’re finished with them. If they are not useful any longer, you completely let go of them. If they’re, you commit those to long-term memory where they could be recalled and strengthened later.

Working memory is something we use every full day, and it creates our lives easier when it’s much better. For most people, the utmost we can take inside our working memory is approximately seven items, but if you are not quite making use of your working memory to its maximum capacity, deep breathing is a very important factor you can test to reinforce it.

Research shows that participants without experience in mindfulness yoga can enhance their memory recall in only eight weeks. Deep breathing, with its capacity to help us focus, has also demonstrated an ability to boost standardised test results and working memory skills after just fourteen days.

Why does yoga advantage memory? It’s slightly counterintuitive. During yoga, our brains stop digesting information as positively as they normally would. If you want more info on our Singapore memory classes & workshops, please call: +65 6871 4803 or email us at